Parent Questions

If you are a vaccine-hesitant parent, or just a little nervous about giving your little one vaccines, then you may find these various vaccine topics helpful in making an informed choice. We consider this website in-progress, and will continue to add content to it. For now, we hope you will find answers to your vaccine questions and some reassurance that vaccines are a safe and beneficial option for your family.

Maybe these pages will create more questions for you. That’s OK, too. We’re here to help. It’s part of the conversation, your decision-making process and part of mindful parenting.

Underlying everything in these pages are two constants:

  • First and foremost, the proven efficacy of vaccines. Vaccines work, and saying otherwise is simply not a credible position to hold. The global eradication of smallpox and polio elimination in the Western Hemisphere are proof of that. The reduction of measles, Hib and diphtheria support the argument as well.
  • But there is a second constant, too. Like any other medicine or medical therapy, there are risks and trade-offs. So, saying vaccines are 100% risk-free is also not a credible position anyone could take. Adverse effects from vaccines do occur. What they don’t do is occur at the frequency or magnitude that people against vaccination would have us believe. In fact, serious adverse events are extremely rare and much more infrequent than the incidence of the diseases for which they protect against.