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Making the decision of whether or not to immunize is a huge responsibility, and we believe it’s most important for you to make an informed choice. Whatever your current views are on vaccines, this site is designed to serve as a resource for you.

This site is for parents in Josephine County, Oregon — Grants Pass, Cave Junction and the surrounding communities of Hugo, Kerby, Merlin, New Hope, O’Brien, Redwood, Selma, Sunny Valley, Takilma, Williams, and Wolf Creek.

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Parent Stories

JoCo Child asked local community members to share their views about vaccines. Here are their powerful stories, which include:

Parents who heard a lot of negative opinions about vaccines, and what they did to research and come to a decision regarding their baby boy.

A mom who was exposed to the rubella virus during pregnancy — and whose baby was born with a number of incurable health issues.

A Takilma woman who distrusted the medical establishment and was treated rudely when she talked to doctors, until she met someone who took a kinder approach and the time to really discuss the issues.


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We are local doctors, nurses, and public health workers concerned about rising rates of unimmunized children, so we created this resource for parents. ABOUT US